Open post Gram Seed - Hope Street

Gram Seed coming to March

Gram Seed had been written off - Chaotic life, drugs violence, prison, homelessness, and finally a coma kept alive by the life support machines. He's coming to March on 14th - 15th June, so find out how God totally changed his life......

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Open post Tom Elliott - Comedian coming to March with his presentation Oh My Days!

Tom Elliott coming to March

6th July here in March. Tom Elliott is one of the UK’s most exciting Event Hosts & Comedy Magicians, performing across the UK hosting corporate events & gala's, whilst also performing at holiday parks, churches, theatres and comedy clubs.

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Open post Alpha course at Centenary Baptist Church

Alpha Course

Who is Jesus? Come and find out at the Alpha Course It starts on Wednesday April 10th at 1pm – 3pm with a Ploughman’s Lunch. Followed by an open discussion. Everyone is welcome, and it is free of charge. Held at Centenary Baptist Church, March. Call one of the following for further details: Sue: 07960...

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